Does a battery pack count as robot weight?

Per R33 in the game manual, a team is allowed to have a second battery of " 100Wh or less (20000mAh at 5V) and 2.5 Amp max output per port." Does this second battery count as part of your robot weight (like the main 12V battery), or can you remove it before the inspection?

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That counts in weight. The only things that do not count in weight are bumpers and the main robot battery and it’s connector.


And where you place this secondary battery pack and how big/heavy it is will influence what you need to do to secure it. You should expect that we inspectors will want to take a look at it and make sure its safe.


Anything that is on the robot while it is on the field is counted for weight. The only exception is at those events that are experimenting with Zebra tracking. The RFID are not counted for weight but also are not very heavy.

Can you please clarify wrt R5? It sounds like you’re only counting R5-C? Or do you mean a weight other than as referenced in R5 (125lb + bumpers or similar)? Thanks.


Siri, jusrt reminding folks about the RFID so they are not surprised at an event. Weight also includes any cameras, LEDs, etc. that you attach.

Ok, a couple people have liked my question as well so I guess I should try again. I hope I’m not invoking wrath here.

@Al_Skierkiewicz, I’m confused about the phrase “anything that is on the robot” above vice R5 A&B. You seem to list C as the only exception? (Or is it intended as correction to something else?) I understand we weigh bumpers separately (and sometimes attached later for expediency). However, I’m not aware of RI weighing of the R5B battery. Is there additional weight limit on R5B components, or some other intended interpretation of the above?

Thank you!

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So for the purposes of weigh in at the start of inspection all of A-C need to be off the robot when it is weighed. A AKA Bumpers has its own rules. B The main battery weighs somewhere between 11 and 13ish pounds. Which is a easy find if you later come back as being 11-13 pounds off during pre-eliminations inspection. If you want to discuss why there is such a variance in battery weight, that’s a whole separate topic. And at least in NE I’ve never seen anything that would be covered under R5-C. Hope that helps.

I think I misunderstood your original question. The battery in R5B and it’s associated wiring and connector are considered free weight on the robot but in reality, the battery and wiring has been considered in the full weight of the robot including bumpers. The battery max weight (about 13.5 pounds) and the bumpers max weight (15 lbs) are a given for all robots that have a max weight of 125 lbs. A team can use these weights to their advantage as they see fit in their design. When I stated everything on the robot must be weighed, I automatically included these “given” weights. I wanted to remind teams that additional objects (be they non-functional decorations or LEDs or Go-Pro cameras) must be included in the weight of the robot per R5. At those events that will be using the RFID tags, R5C was added to account for the use of the tags.
Please note that with the change in bumper and robot weight last year, the robot total weight on the floor did not change.

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