Does a slip knot count as an actual knot on the rope???

We are curious if a slip knot would be considered a knot on the rope and have to follow all the rules a knot in the rope has to fall under such as it has to be a minimum of 29 inches below the retaining knot. Any opinions or knowledge of this would be appreciated!

A knot is a knot. This would need to follow the knot rules.


If you’re going to use slip knots, make sure to read these posts on the Q&A…

Yes. We used one successfully this past weekend. And our LRI said that if you retie the same exact knot before each match, the rope doesn’t need to be re-inspected. Ask your LRI if they will let you do the same.

I’ll echo this, we used a slip knot as well and even tied it on the field with no issue.

As hitchhiker stated we used the slip knot and it did work very well ( here comes the but). But…

One thing to keep in mind sometimes the pilots pull the rope or strap and pull the knot out of the rope. Just be mindful of this.

Yes. This is very important. Because of this, we actually switched to a velcro-held loop in the rope to give us rope slack for a wind before climbing.