Does a while loop without any lambdas send a value to network tables?

This is the code I’m writing for the raspberry pi co-processor. Is the while loop on line 68 an effective choice? Or do I need to make a lambda expression for centerX?

You should set the entry directly from the visionThread body (after calculating it), and then do a NetworkTableInstance.getDefault().flush() call to immediately send that data to the Rio.

The while loop should just have a long sleep() call in it so it doesn’t consume CPU time.


So just to clarify, I have all the code that sets the network table value inside of the visionthread body, and I dont need a while loop? Or should the while loop just have a sleep command that loops forever?

The latter. You need a while loop or the program will exit, but you should have it just sleep effectively forever, like this:

Awesome, thanks!

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