Does all FRC Software work with Windows 11

My computer finally has the option to upgrade to windows 11 but my computer is the main driver station and programming computer for the team. Before upgrading, I want to make sure all the driver station and other FRC software will still work after upgrading to the new version of windows. If anyone has experience with windows 11 It would be very helpful if you could share your experiences with it.

Just, like, in general, I wouldn’t upgrade.
Benefits are basically just the new UI, unless you care deeply about the esoteric stuff.


Windows 11 breaks GrabCAD Workbench. They’ve acknowledged the issue and are apparently working on a fix, but if you need that software definitely do not upgrade yet.

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I work in IT - my advice is wait a year before switching to Windows 11. Gives Microsoft time to smooth things out, gives application devs time to optimize their software for 11, and 10 is supported by Microsoft until 10/2025. No reason to rush into it


I’d fix this before doing any upgrades.


Legitimately tempted to upgrade for the ext4 support through WSL2… Luckily for me, Microsoft decided they don’t want my computer on 11 anyway.

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