Does anybody have a set of sample match scoring data for this years game in a .json file that I can use to start creating Tableau data visualization with?

I need some sample match scoring data so I can start using it with Tableau, because at the moment we are still setting up our MongoDB and cannot get sample data from there.

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Great question, thanks Vihaan!

What exactly are you asking for? Are you looking for a score breakdown as a JSON? If so, that won’t be released in the FIRST API (or exposed via The Blue Alliance) until closer to competition (usually around Week 0).

If you’re looking for something else, please let us know. Lots of data comes in JSON form, so it’s hard to know what you’re talking about.

Sorry for the vagueness of the post. I meant match scoring data… I updated the post

In that case, you’re waiting until ~Week 0.

Sorry, I meant sample match data that I can play around with in tableau to visualize with. For example taking charge station scoring and putting it into a histogram.

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It seems hard to believe, but the schema for this season’s match data that gets generated from the field management system is not yet available. All the work gets done to release the incredibly detailed rules and field assembly by kickoff day, but the work never gets done to release the FMS schema at the same time. Teams scramble to get their scouting apps done in a week or two after the schema shows up in the FIRST API just in time to play the week 0 exhibition.

You can guess what the schema will be and set up your database and analytics apps based on the guess and then rename fields and values as needed when the schema comes out. Looking at the score breakdown JSON from 2022 and modifying it based on the scoring actions in the 2023 rules should get you pretty close. It’s not a satisfying approach, but as far as I know, it’s all that teams have at this point.

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