Does anybody know the percentage of teams that get to Champs by WIldcard?

Hello, I need a little help with a research project of mine. Does anybody know the number of wildcards that get to go champs each year or the percent that wild card teams make up in champs? Any info would be appreciated

As you’re a programmer, I suggest looking into the TBA API ( It’s perfect for figuring out something like this - you can pull a list of all teams at champs for a given year, the awards each team received, and compare them against the list of qualifying awards. Add in HoF, original and sustaining teams, and other pre-qualified teams, and you’ll have your answer!

Keep in mind that the answer is going to be different for Houston and Detroit!


Okay thanks!

Actually, this isint 100% true. Some district teams who qualify based on awards from DCMP but that were not at the event (EI, RAS) arent always shown on a teams TBA page, which would incorrectly show them as wildcard. 2019 PNCMP EI winners 568, 6381, and RAS winner 7461 are listed as award winners on the event page, but show nothing on their team page.

Im not sure offhand if the API will still show those awards though, something to explore.

How about this method: pull the TBA API, filter for “award =wildcard”. Then filter that list for event winners etc.

TBA usually shows who won a wildcard.

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I forgot Wildcards and Waitlist slots are different, which makes my post above basically useless. :man_facepalming:

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The issue with this method is that teams who get a wildcard early in the season, who then qualify in earnest later, are counted as a wildcard team when they should not be. This should be supplemented with a check to make sure the team never won any other qualifying award.

Second sentence of my last post. I thought about that too.

In 2019, there were 114 Wildcard “awards” received by teams that attended championships (40 Detroit, 74 Houston). 14 of the 114 subsequently won a different qualifying award. 2 wildcard recipients declined their invitation. 2 teams won a waitlist spot and subsequently received a wildcard (I counted these as qualifying based on wildcard alone).

Overall 12.3% of teams attending championships qualified based on wildcard alone.


Question: Was this significantly different in 2018? I ask because one of the biggest differences between the two championship events last year was that the Israeli District qualified teams all went to Detroit in 2019 due to religious reasons.

Israel going to Detroit could have affected waitlist spots available but shouldn’t have affected Wildcards, since Wildcards are assigned only at regionals via a specific set of criteria that’s independent from the number of teams or districts attending a Championship. And because Israel is in the district system, no Israeli teams would have an opportunity to earn a Wildcard unless they also attended a regional.

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