Does anybody know...

Posted by Nate Smith.

Other on team #66, GM Powertrain/Willow Run HS, from Eastern Michigan University and GM Powertrain.

Posted on 2/16/2000 6:42 PM MST

Have a situation that I was wondering if anyone had encountered in the past…

As a ‘decoration’ on our machine, we have designed a sound board with an addressable processor, which communicates with the RC through 4 relay modules(4 relays=4-bit binary value=16 addresses.) We are considering a ‘keypad’ controller for this sound system, which would have a small processor that processed the keypad input and converted it to a 4-bit binary value, which would be sent to the port 4 digital inputs. Does anybody know if this ‘keypad’ controller would be allowed…i.e., does the ‘non-functional decoration’ or ‘any type, non-illuminated’ switches rules?