Does anybody knows any private schools provides Robotics?

I’m an exchange student attending Team Driven for this year, and had just, spectacular, fantastic, awesome year, and I’m looking for the way to come back to this school, but had some problems.

So, in case, I’m wondering if there’s any private schools that has Robotics, so, if you are in the private school Robotic team or know any, please comment this thread. I’ll be glad to hear any small information about it:)

Team 1594- Double X
Brearley-Chapin Robotics (It is actually two schools)
New York, NY

Best Wishes.

What level?

at my elementary/middle school (the French American International School / The Gilkey Middle School) we had FLL


254 comes from a private school

FRC 1302 - Pope John Regional High School
Sparta NJ

FYI, I’m a guy, and i don’t have any religion. and I’m sophomore :slight_smile: Thanks everybody

Team 254 is from a private school.

I think 1700 and 692 are, too.

Edit: ohh, then ignore the last two

Our team #280 has members from Gabriel Richard High School in Michigan
#815 has students from Cabrini High also in Michigan

Team 1218 in Philadelphia is based at Chestnut Hill Academy (a private boys school) and Springside School (a private girls school). There are several other programs around Philly based at private schools as well. Drop me an email if you would like to explore.


Team 2075
West Catholic High School

We are a private high school but it’s a catholic high school

I know of a couple from MN:

2177 is from the all-girls private school Convent of the Visitation High School.
2498 is from The Blake School.

We also have a number of teams from charter schools in MN including 2175, 2488 and 2825.

Team 744 is from a private Christian school: Westminster Academy.

team 2415 is from a private school down in Atlanta…the Westminster Schools. As far as I know, we’re one of two active private school FRC teams in Georgia as well, Atlanta International School being the other.

But we frequently host exchange students :smiley: We actually had kids from France and Kenya last week.

Cranbrook Kingswood, my highschool, is an excellent private school in Bloomfield Hills michigan, it offers both day student and boarding student options. We have a very active robotics program currently for highschool it is just the FIRST Tech Competition and the VEX Robotics Competition but we might try next year or in future years to restart our FRC program.
Link to the school.

For those who are willing to consider Canada as a destination, there are several private schools off the top of my head that boast very good FRC programs:

Toronto, ON, Canada
FRC: 610
Corporate Pharmacy/Bangor Metals/Diteba Research Laboratories Inc./Extrude-A-Trim Aluminum Warehouse & Crescent School
(All Male)

Oakville, ON, Canada
FRC: 771
St. Mildred’s Lightbourn Parent Association / Ford Motor Co. of Canada, Limited & St. Mildred’s-Lightbourn School
(All Female)

Whitby, ON, Canada
FRC: 1547
General Motors of Canada & Trafalgar Castle School
(All Female)

Oakville, ON, Canada
FRC: 2166
Appleby College / Extrude-A-Trim / Entripy Custom Clothing / University of Toronto / MDA Robotics & Appleby College (High School)

Richmond Hill, ON, Canada
FRC: 2361
Clarity Management & P.A.C.E. Academy

Toronto, ON, Canada
FRC: 2624
The University of Toronto – Engineering Faculty & The Bishop Strachan School
(All Female)

There may be more, but those are the ones off the top of my head.

If end up at any school in Delaware or the Delaware area (PA, NJ, MD) please apply to join Team 365 (MOE, the green people you might have noticed in your division at Championship). Last year, we had students from 15 different schools (link to our page and click on the pennants to link to schools) both public and private. As long as you can get to meetings in Wilmington, DE after school it doesn’t matter how far away you are (we had a home school student from Harrisburg PA that drove 2 hours each way).

Off the top of my head other private schools that have their own team:
272 - Lansdale Catholic in Lansdale, PA
1391 - Westtown Friends School (Boarding school, Quaker) in Westtown PA

33 is they are from Notre Dame Prep in Bloomfield Hills.

2234 is at Episcopal Academy in Newtown Square, PA.

Team 33 The Killer Bees come from a private catholic school.


Just saw you’re post, sorry… Actually, their school is located in Pontiac. However, when their team name is called the announcer always says Auburn Hills, which is where the shop (at Chrysler) is.

Hi Soobs,

I’m a mentor for O’Hara H.S. We’re just 10 miles from Team Driven. Congratulations on your outstanding year, by the way, and also to North and West.

I can tell you a little about the school, since I graduated from it myself, many years ago. My son graduated last year, and is a mechanical engineering freshman. Our school is a Catholic school, but we have many, many students of all religions. The school has 430 students. They have foreign exchange students attending regularly. Almost 100% of the graduates each year continue to college, with a few going into military service. I think it’s a very good school.

This was only our second year in FIRST, and we essentially started all over again. Last year, 10 of 12 team members were seniors, and the other two members moved to other schools. So, this year’s team was new. The good news is that only two members of this year’s team are seniors, so the majority of the team will return.

Think about visiting soon if you will be leaving the area after this schoolyear is over. I can help you arrange a visit, if you like. We’d love to have you.