Does anyone have a CAD model of dozer?


I need a 3D model of this guy for a project. Does anyone know where I can find one?


Here’s a multi part STL off of thingiverse.


I’m not sure if this will work for me. Basically I’m trying to render a CAD model of a robot on the web, and have it rotate on all 3 axes based on NetworkTable values coming from a navx gyro. This component that shows the model’s rotation will have a default model (I chose dozer for this, but another simple robot would also be acceptable).

Why is a STL file insufficient for those needs? It’s CAD as much as any other file type. If it’s because it’s a multi-part file then it shouldn’t be too much work to assemble them.

I’m a total noob at CAD, so when I saw that it was disassembled I assumed it would take a lot of work to assemble it into one model (at least for someone who doesn’t know their way around any CAD programs). I can always learn though.

I also wasn’t entirely sure if it would look good as a 3D rendering. Maybe that’s just my ignorance talking.

@dlavery, would you happen to be willing to share with the OP?

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What Cad program are you using, and what object type do you need?
Also is this for FWC?

Yep! I want to use this project to display the CAD model:

I think it accepts GLB and glTF formats. I found online converters to glTF such as this one:

Not sure if this format is usually standard in CAD programs. I don’t really CAD, but I guess the last time I opened a CAD program it was solidworks (which I probably don’t have anymore). I would probably use onshape since it’s accessible and free and my team has used it before.

Give me a few minutes and I think I can get you a model.


@Timebomb actually sent me a CAD model that works well for my needs: (87.9 KB)

Screen Shot 2020-05-19 at 4.35.52 PM

Would love it to have some color, otherwise it’s perfect since it’s small enough to load quickly on the web.

I can color it if GLB supports colors.

It appears glb does support colors. The example here of the astronaut model is a .glb file that uses colors.

Should have a colored GLB model. Don’t look too close. It was a bit of dirty paint job.

For whatever reason when I unzip the file it comes up empty. (127.8 KB)

Screen Shot 2020-05-19 at 5.41.36 PM

Perfection. Thank you @Amicus1 and @Timebomb!


I look forward to seeing your gyro widget.

If all goes well I should have it done later tonight.

Another option is that the navx-gui application has a line drawing of a plane:

I’ll consider that as a possible option, although I think being able add a cad model of your robot and see it rotate and tip over is really cool and visually easier to debug.