Does anyone have a EZ-Router?

Hi everyone,
I was wondering if anyone has an EZ-Router? The reason I ask is that my team uses a EZ-Router and the computer that had our configuration file and software for the EZ Router 4x4 recently died. After speaking with a Support Representative from Lone Star Cutting Solutions, formerly EZ-Router. They told me that the installation disc that the machine came from would be the best bet. Although he said that any EZ Router CNC that is sent has the configuration files for all of their devices. I am hoping that someone or some team that uses an EZ-Router could possibly send me the configuration file (ends in .xml). If so thank you so much.

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I believe we (177) have an EZ router (I haven’t played with it yet). I can check on Thursday if the installation disc is somewhere in the shop (I highly doubt it).

They said that it would be in the Mach3 folder if you have the software installed on a computer. That may be another place that you could check. If you are able to find anything it would be greatly appreciated.

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