Does anyone have a link or copy of the velox cnc software for solid works I can install

Due to the pandemic the company closed for good and I can’t find the software anywhere that would be used of solid works even on solid works official website so I’m looking for links where I can install the software or a copy of someone else I can use.

As far as I’m aware, Velox never released/provided CAM software; they only bundled Mach3 to actually run g-code on the machine. For CAM from Solidworks, there are several different options including MasterCAM, HSMworks, and SolidWorks CAM. If you’re asking for a CAM machine configuration file (eg setup instructions, not actual software), I’m sure someone else on here with a Velox can talk to their approach.


We use mach 3 + HSM works for cam with our Velox.

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The only thing you’ll really need from them is the post processor. This is our VCarve post that we use. (Remove the .txt from the end so the file name is just “Velox_5050_in_nc_G54.pp”)

Velox_5050_in_nc_G54.pp.txt (5.5 KB)

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