Does anyone have a mk4i neo swerve drive code

Glad to help. The XY values come from the Swerve Drive Pose Estimator
There are a number of posts on that topic in this forum also.

Are you running a bare chassis or a full robot? Robot mass will have an effect. We haven’t worked on that yet.
Couple of basic checks -
Does your gyro show a + reading when the robot turns counter clockwise (left)? Our code uses a navX which needs negated.
With the robot on blocks do the wheel drive encoders show a value equal to the wheel circumference when they are turned 1 rev? Are you using the L1 gear ratio?

Separate topic - did you try the simulation?

At the moment we’re just running a chassis. The gyro does show a positive reading when the robot turns counterclockwise. The drive motors all show correct values when I display individual readings from each of the modules, but together the coordinate values are completely wrong and will display millions of meters for each meter of actual movement.

Our team has not ever experimented with simulations.

We’re still working on our code, but in the meantime one of our students made these. It’s been through a few revisions and might go through one more, still debating it. Anyways we plan on posting the file for these without our team number embossed on it. Also we are planning on mounting the aluminum guard on top of it but we need slightly longer bolts.

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The red circled area now has the spacer stand offs built in. The green circled area is what we might change to have the side shield come all the way around but have notched out slots for the wires to come out. On the second pic the green arrow is pointing to a lip that actually sits on top of the motor mounting plate and supports the cover from being smashed down.

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Nice protector. Can you please share the file?

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As soon as I get access to our team’s Google drive, never had a reason to go on it before lol.

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Let me know if this works. I’m going to try and post both versions with and without our team number embossed, not sure which file is which. Student that did this said he will try to get another version of these done with the extended wrap around area. I’ll post those when they are done.

Thanks, it pulled up.

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