Does anyone have a practice Field in lower NY


This year we decided to finish the robot very early to allow us to practice. We scheduled practice with a local team however, due to time constraints they can no longer accommodate us. There is another local team hosting practice sessions but they also can not accommodate us due to them promising too many teams the space.

We do not have the resources or the room for any sort of practice field and even having game elements is a stretch.

If they are any teams in the Lower NY area (Long Island and NYC) with some sort of practice area please contact us. We are looking to bring our robot to practice as much as possible through week 6.

If there are people farther away (CT, NJ, and Upstate) please also contact me so we can consider it.

In return your team would get a spot in our Documentary following this year and if you want a pro level reveal video shot and edited.


We really want to practice as we have never had this opportunity. We are attending a week 0 but we would like more time.

We are an hour and a half from you guys. Similarly to other teams we dont have much room left but you can practice on our field this sunday the 14th from 230 to 530. Email me if you are interested [email protected]

Hey 5202 in New Rochelle has a considerable amount of a half field built and have the parts on hand to assemble the rest, and you are more than welcome to come join us. We will be working next Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Let me know if you are interested.

A group of teams around Tech Valley and a local construction company (Turner Construction) have a full field just outside of Albany, NY if you are interested. We even have steel versions of the defenses.


This looks promising. It looks like it is about a 45 minute drive without practice (But everyone knows there will be traffic).

We will be at The Suffield Shakedown next Saturday so Wednesday, Thursday, and possibly Friday are looking good.

Any idea on times? Also could we bring our robot there and leave it if we stayed for consecutive days?

Thanks for the offer but that is a little too far. Very nice looking field.

We’ve got a practice field set up in a former Tractor Supply building. It would be quite a hike, but you’d be welcome to come practice.

Yeah the drive isn’t that bad, I grew up in Mineola. You would certainly be able to leave the robot if you would like. We practice in the library (I am the librarian) and our robotics lab is the next room over. We have a horizontal bandsaw, drill press, and some hand tools. Also we currently do not have a climbing bar, as our robot will not be planning to attempt the climb. If you would like one, it would be easy enough for us to get the extra wood needed, and we could throw one together. Feel free to email me at [email protected].