does anyone have a source for #25 chain with attachments

we’re looking for some #25 chain with those handy little attachments for use as conveyors systems. i’ve found plenty of #35, but no 25, does it even exist? if so, does anybody know where to get it. thanks for the help.

Anthony Lapp
team 221–> 857

Searching around I found:

They have pretty much the Noah’s ark of small parts and thingy’s

What do you mean by attachments, master links & half links? or something else like l brackets off the side to mount things to?

by attachments i meant profiles that are attached to roller chain in order to put hooks or conveyor items on them. mcmaster has attachments for chain but the smallest they carry is #35.

Try this site - never used them, just found it in a search.

You might want to check

They have a large selection of #25 pitch stuff.