Does Anyone Have a Urethane Welding Kit That We Could Use In Central Ohio?

Hello, I am on team 3484 out of Marysville, Ohio. I was wondering if anyone in the surrounding area has a urethane belt welding kit. If you have one that we could use I would greatly appreciate it!

With a lighter and some care, you don’t need a welding kit. Relevant reading, including the quoted bit:

Really, the whole thread is worth your time:

there are plenty of alternatives, as Billfred mentioned you can use a lighter. I’ve had success personally with a heat gun in the past. Also, I’ve heard it helps if you cut them on an angle so you have more surface area on your weld.

Old soldering iron with a flatblade screwdriver for a tip works quite well.

Here you go

Use a hot plate or an old pan on a stove and put it on the highest setting. Way easier to handle and it doesn’t burn and char the urethane.