Does anyone have experience with Parco

Hello, after 19 years of mentoring team our team, the welding teacher has moved on to retirement. With loosing him and no welding students on the current team we are exploring new ways to build our robot . We are considering using extruded aluminum from Parco. Does anybody have experience with this company and its material or something similar to it ? Any input would be appreciated.

Thank you

Hello Rainkens, although my team does not have experience with Aluminum extrusion type construction, after briefly looking at a assumed set up, I think it is a good option for teams with less resources. Mutually, I would look into the “Rev Ion” Series, Although I personally do not like REV’s electronics, their new mechanical parts seem very promising, and inspire a, “Low barrier to entry” for a ton of teams. I would consider looking into construction based of the the ion series, being riveted together, I have found that it is a happy middle level where students can still design very custom mechanisms, whilst not using higher level and more time consuming tools like CNC’s. REV ION - Structure - REV Robotics Let me know what you think!

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I’ll echo what Max said, box tube + gusset construction for FRC is an incredibly common and easy way to build robots. In addition to REV ION, WCP and VEC sell versaframe with prefilled holes as well as tons of options for gussets. You can of course machine your own tube and gussets if you have the equipment for it such as CNC router, but ION or Versaframe is great way to build FRC robots and there’s tons of reference CAD out there to draw inspiration from.

Sorry if that doesn’t answer your initial question exactly, but sometimes it’s not worth reinventing the wheel; FRC is hard enough already.


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