Does anyone have scouting spreadsheets they wouldn't mind sharing?

I’m currently working on a digital scouting system. For the short duration that people were testing it, many mentioned wanting the ability to customize what data it records and how it outputs it, without needing to code. I’ve managed to tackle the issue of customizing what it records through a GUI builder, and I’m looking to start working on customizing the output. The plan is to have it output as a CSV file that can be imported into Google Sheets or Excel, but I’d like to get a general sense of how people record their data in the spreadsheets. If anyone has a link to their excel file or google spreadsheet and their team doesn’t mind sharing, it would be extremely helpful to have! If not, an explanation would be equally helpful!

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Do you need data for Infinite Recharge specifically, or just in general?

Any year would be helpful!

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Girls Generation 2019.xlsx (246.1 KB) Auburn Mountainview 2019.xlsx (118.8 KB) Glacier Peak 2019.xlsx (241.1 KB)

Let me know if you want more :+1:

In addition, 3663 (CPR) has their match data available on their website - Match Data — CPR - Team 3663.


Awesome! Thanks for sending those. If the others you have are different in how the data is organized and collected then I’d love to see them as well.

All the ones I have are using the same system, unfortunately.

Here’s our Google Sheets from Smoky Mountains 2019. Room for improvement in there (especially with how I set up the sheet scraping TBA), but we were pretty happy with it.


This is our spreadsheet from Miami Valley 2020. There are certainly still some kinks to work out, but it’s a huge improvement over what we’ve done in the past and we have more updates in the pipeline. We’ll gladly consider any feedback from others in the FIRST community.

Raw data comes in from the Google Form our scouters use. The next tabs (“transform” and “calculation”) are where the fancy spreadsheet math happens in what is essentially a weighted objectives table. “Filter” is the main front-facing sheet for quick strategy decisions and pick list base. “Strategy” allows team input for match preview.

Hopefully this helps!

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Do you need a plugin or outside tool to make API requests or can Sheets do it directly?

You do need a script for the sheet, but those are widely available. After that, you just craft the URL to call the right things from TBA’s API. If you can’t figure it out from their documentation, you can see how I did it with my formulas. (That API key has been deactivated, for the record.)

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MDBET (Bethesda) 2020.xlsx (53.5 KB)
Data my team took at Bethesda 2020. The actual spreadsheet uses a macro to process the data from raw input.

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We have a real pre-scouting spreadsheet portion showing here for IR (Teams redacted, a relevant section of it from this season), this shows a team with pre-event and “key indicators” of “expected performance”. You can see some of the shorthand we use in “class” which is past historical performance which we find valuable to fill in gaps. this is meant to present relevant data to compare teams with. Note: the team with numbers has never won a performance on field based BB, which is relevant

In each game, there are certain key metrics that track expected results. The pre-scouting allows us to compare previous results distilled down to likely current results. The class helps us estimate expected strength due to history (three teams represented here with one team having played already) and hopefully as indicated “recent races” or “Expected this year outcomes”

Had we moved on to ur scheduled week 5 we would have had a lot more data pre-collected that is relevant on at least 75% of the field (five weeks of data) from “past performance” this is data from 2020 which is obviously the best most recent data.

Strategy is about not ever being surprised

We try not to track too much, just what indicates performance vs others to determine strength of play and tendencies both good and bad

During the competition its much less about the numbers. Rather what will win in elims based on the field represented. In essence what combo works.

This is based on what works in Horseracing if interested, which i see alignment with in game theory alignments.

Here’s a google spreadsheet I ended up making for scouting to mainly keep track of points, but it also has prematch questions too. If you go to the Settings tab you can change the tasks and the amount of points they’re worth depending on the year. You can also go to the Overall tab to see average stats of each team and rank them

Personally our team never really used it. It was still fun making it though, I learned a lot about google sheets.

Hope it can help!

Here is a non-filled scouting sheet from 2018 that 1296 used. I could find one with data but that would take some digging.

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4201’s 2020 LA Regional Public Scouting Data:


I’d hate to be annoying, but it might help to make the google sheet public in the sharing options. If OP wants to access the data, they’ll have to request access unless it’s made public.

Apologies, it seems that the sharing settings got mixed up since I last shared the document.
All fixed

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By golly, you actually are doing it. I still remember sitting across from @NicolasNewman eating chicken wings as he explained this to me last year. Keep up the good work!

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Thanks to everyone for being willing to share all these spreadsheets and data! It is extremely helpful in figuring out how different teams record data.

And glad you remember @UnofficialForth! Hope your swerve endeavors have been working out for you and your team!

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Here’s something a little different from 2018. In the PNW we and several other teams shared scouting data across all district competitions, and then in preparation for DCMPs I put together this workbook that is a combination of aggregated scouting data for all DCMPs teams from the season thus far + team and alliance performance projections for all of our DCMPs matches based on the data. Match Scouting Using Cross Competition Scouting Data 2018 - Google Sheets

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