Does anyone have the angle of the cone’s upper part?

I can’t find the angle in the manual, could be useful though.

Edit: CAD and hand calc yields 79.99°

NOT ACCOUNTING FOR THE THICKNESS OF THE CONE MY APPROXIMATION from 5.8.1 in the game manual yields ~78.7° from the base plane.

  • assuming 0.75" tall base

There was no CAD I could easily find on andymark and I am traveling.

Actually game pieces are probably(?) In the field CAD to measure


Drawing GE-23700 on page 350 of the pdf file called “2023FieldDrawings-CHARGEDUPSpecific.pdf” available in the “Drawing package” at Playing Field | FIRST has a cad drawing of the cone. It does not specifically call out the angle, but there is enough information to calculate it. Edited to add: Or, at least approximate it reasonably well.

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