Does anyone have the mechanical specs for the Denso?

Or, failing that, does anyone happen to know what size screws you would use to mount it?

Quick answer just in case you’re in immediate need, then others can follow with the real data later–

The two black holes are #10, and iirc they’re spaced ~2-1/8" apart, or just slightly more than that I think; I only had a ruler with 1/8" increments when I made a mount this passed weekend and I had to slightly adjust the holes I drilled.

The third, metallic hole seems to be the right size for 1/4" bolts, yet neither 1/4-20 nor 1/4-28 bolts fit…which leads me to believe all of the holes are meant to be metric.

Nobody knows about that last hole yet? Or does anyone have a good way to take that metal insert out of the hole so we can modify the hole size?

I drilled it out with a 3/16" drill bit, and used a #10 bolt.

The top hole is metric. I do not remember the exact size, but I know it is metric. We took ours to the hardware store and tried screws until we found one that fit properly.

Also, our electronics team needs to know what kind of wire they need to use to attach the Denso–anyone know or can anyone refer me to the documentation?
Thanks in advance!

The metal insert is M6. The attached specs are from 2006.

Denso_Motor.pdf (230 KB)

Denso_Motor.pdf (230 KB)

Page 8 of the tips and good practices from 2007 includes motor data. Other motors may be different, but the window motor is the same.