Does anyone know what board this is?

I cant find anything on it

Whatever it is, it is super old. Where did you come by it? Did you pull it out of an old computer? Was it just sitting around gathering dust? Are you trying to use it for something?

Totally a guess, but It looks like a 10 letter display with four horizontal gauges that might have served as level gauges for a stereo or similar.

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It looks like some sort of industrial grade display panel due to the “burn in” stamp and all the 7 x 10 LED matrices. Are those groups of 7-segment LED displays at each end?

If you could take a photo showing some of the chips along the bottom of the front side, so we can read what’s on them, it would be more interestinger. That intel chip…what is it? I can’t read the numbers! Also the chips will have date codes that will tell us when it was made, approximately.

I’m pretty sure they are. If you look at the traces on the picture with the barcodes, you can see that they’re wired in with what appear to be a resistor network presumably to make volt meters.

There is an I2C interface on the back. I cant get a picture of the chips now but can post it tommorow

It makes sense they are bar-type displays. I don’t see enough pins on the backside for each of the 8 sections to be a 7-segment display. It’s probably over 20-25 years old, based on the types of IC packages.

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