Does anyone know when list of which teams received the website excelence awards?

Does anyone know when list of which teams received the website excelence awards is goint to be published?

I participate of the NJ regional and I’m not aware if that because I couldn’t travel to participate of the competition.

And I know there might be differences between regionals but I just wanna have some idea of when its published, specially if it has already been published.

It has check on each regional for in the awards tab for the winner then go to regional team list and chick on their website link. :slight_smile:

You’d find your answer right here:

Looks like 1089 won it for New Jersey, however 1860 did win the Rookie Inspiration Award, and were very deserving of it.

The 2006 website award winners for each regionals will be posted after the awards ceremony at the respective regional. This means that the website winners are not yet released for any non-week-one regionals. For a full list, check back after week 5, or 1-2 days after the completion of each weekend’s events for a new update.

-Dillon Compton
Team 1394
The Juggernaut

oooh good point. :rolleyes: Yeah amazing how the obvious seems to elude us.

I just got an email from Autodesk about this–they’ve created an awards
folder on the streamline site; you can check it out here.
Remember, client is FIRST, username is (public) no pass needed.

Arizona Regional
Buckeye Regional
Finger Lakes Regional
Florida Regional 1612 robo sharks (can’t find a URL)
Great Lakes Regional
Pittsburgh Regional Team 1727 NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center & Dulaney High School (can’t find a URL)
St. Louis Regional
UTC New England Regional
Manchester, NH
Trenton, NJ
Portland, OR

I’m having trouble with finding the Pittsburg regional site and I understand that the team 1612 from the Florida regional had a server crash but here are the winners from the recent batch of regionals. Boilermaker Regional
1895 (can’t find URL) Chesapeake Regional Midwest Regional Peachtree Regional Silicon Valley Regional Florida Regional VCU Detroit Regional