Does anyone know where I might fight the KOP in inventor files?

Last year I believe we found them on the usfirst website but this year they seem to be eluding us. All help is appreciated.

Did you try looking in the library files in the PTC software? just guessing as I don’t have a copy available here at the moment.:slight_smile: :slight_smile:

They are available from if you have an account with them.

You can also try they have most of if not all the kop in multiple CAD formats.
edit: looks like they’re missing allot of the newer control system parts.

I’d recommend NOT fighting the Kit of Parts.


Hey Ryan,

Here are a few files for you!

C-base drive base you just need to choose long or wide configuration, just scroll down to the bottom.

Some of the andymark chassis pieces are here if you scroll down, don’t download the IFI kop chassis!

Good luck!