Does anyone like VG Cats?

i like vg cats. its a great gaming comic, and very funny too.

there are 185 comics so far and scott puts out about 2 a week

hahaha yea i do =D i read vgcats, and ctrl-alt-del all the time, and on occasion, something else…whatever i feel like lol

Haha I read VG Cats, quite a source for amusement.

^What he said. VGCasts and Ctrl-Alt-Del.

VG Cats definately has some good stuff…

Especially the Zelda comics…

Dead and Loving it (Zelda: OoT and up)
The Aftermath (Zelda: OoT)

Then there is the Star Wars: Episode 3 comic. However, I won’t link that one since there is… language… in it. It’s good though

But for my money nobody can hold a candle to Goats.