Does anyone play DOTA 2 in FRC

I have one FRC friend who plays DOTA (well he left his team now), and since DOTA is also a sport of the mind, there has to be at least one other person in FRC who plays DOTA as well.

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I just want friends to play dota with that don’t spam morphling

No. No one in FRC plays DOTA 2.



What is DOTA?

Its a game thats kinda like league.

A MOBA. The base mechanics are similar to League (who btw ripped off dota 1 but that’s a whole other story), but it adds a lot more layers of complexity.

Well thats debatable

There is absolutely no way that a single high school student in 3400-ish active FRC teams plays DOTA 2. Actually i’m pretty sure that absolutely none of these high schoolers (that are all involved in a very techy and very “nerdy” activity such as FRC) play video games at all.


This is peak Chief Delphi when someone asks a simple question and nobody gives a legitimate response in 8 replies lol, I love you all


This thread is also peak CD in the summer were no body has robot questions so it just sort of turns into a huge chat room

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Its also peak CD when we talk about peak CD during the summer in a thread with no robot questions and then talk about how peak CD has no robot questions



I played a lot from 2012-2016. About 3000 hours. Don’t have time for it anymore, though.

While I don’t play (guns… have a bad history with me), there is a Gaming Chat in the FRC discord where you can ask! (Make sure you put your team # in your nickname. You can go into the Spam180 chat and do &giveme gaming.

I did ask in the #gaming channel a while back but everyone ignored me :(.

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We only have a few students who play, but if you’re somewhere around Archon - Ancient we do play with a group of around 15~ students/mentors/regular randos if you’re interested.

I myself have around 4500 hours, not looking to stop anytime soon :slight_smile:

But does it pass the Andy Baker test?

Ah I’m only Crusader 3, but I’m so happy to find some people that play DOTA in FRC outside of the one kid in my regular 5 stack.

One of our stack guys should’ve sent you a Steam message, his username’s Xyrothyl I believe.

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LoL out

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