Does anyone smell Bacon?

Team 1902’s 2010 Robot ready to rumble.

Check it out

Looking Forward to seeing everyone at the competitions.

One of the answers on Jeopardy tonight was that chocolate-covered bacon was sold at the Florida State Fair.

Good looking robot again. Did I miss seeing it ELEVATE?

heh, love the unveil! great bot bacon people, look forward to seeing you folks in a couple weeks. congrats!

LOLOL We were watching and hit the record button right away. Now we are trying to see how we can use Alex Trebeck saying “What is BACON”

and no Gary you didn’t miss it, we just didn’t show it. Doesn’t mean we can’t

Looks like a strong scorer. I can’t wait to see it in action in Orlando.

AMAZING! Your kicker is awesome!

One concern. It seems like the roller has trouble grabbing balls that are not in contact with a bump or other solid surface.

Cool robot, but my favorite part about the video was that sweet carpet. Here too hehe… Guess that’s secret’s out!

Very nice robot! Can it score from zone three and do you have an auto for it?

Also, what are those cool leds on the victors?

Great job guys, wish I could be at FL.

sweet :wink:

ps. I spy Tim(you need to come to one of our meetings again)

I envy the speed of your autonomous, one great bot.

Very cool machine. I love the autonomous mode.
1902 has always been one of my favorite teams, mostly because it just seems like you guys have so much fun!

Good luck, and best regards from 148…


We have run code for the third zone auto but we never filmed it. We’re anxiously awaiting Florida to really run it through the practice match testing in all three zones.

One of our mentors found orange and green translucent fans to replace the plain black fans that come attached. We’re really happy with the way they turned out :cool:

The roller does work everywhere on the field, I guess that just wasn’t recorded doing it else where. I basically drove and picked up balls where ever they were on the field, however being recorded was a different story, The camera wasn’t there until the last night where we were just working on autonomous for most of the night.

I like the carpet. You need some chandeliers to go with it. Imagine 1902 and chandeliers. That would be like MOE - oh wait, what am I saying…

Anyway - I also can’t believe you guys are being mysterious and trying to hide some things. You’re going to have to work really hard to become mysterious - one of my favorite things about 1902 is your transparency: what you see is what you get, including your friendliness and awesome competitive spirit!

Good luck this season.

LoL hardly secretive, even with the James Bond music. It was mostly just missing film hehe. If you check out the multiple Youtube channels, it’s all there, I’m hoping to find a good picture to post.

But what would you like to know :-D?

Another awesome robot guys. Can’t wait to see it in action at Florida. :slight_smile:

Very cool. Great kicking!

Hope we see you in Atlanta.