Does anyone understand this?!

While eating at Calico Jack’s at the Florida Regional, our team members were stumped by the saying on a T-shirt that was being sold there. Found on a men’s T-shirt, it said:

The only thing better than an oyster, you can’t eat on a cracker.

We aren’t sure if this is meant to be racial or what, but does this make sense to anyone?!

everyone plz help us figure this quote out we all really don’t know and we would like u’r imput on this-- thanks

It kinda reminds me of a bumper sticker I saw while down in the Bayou…
You’ll slurp a raw Oyster, Suck the head of a crawdad, but wont eat raw fish!!! BABY! Then it had some sushi restaurant mentioned below it

If the original quote means what I think it means, then I don’t think I could explain without being banned from CD for life… :eek:

I am going to have agree with IMDWalrus on this one, it seems sexual.

My two cents…it’s sexual. Atleast…that’s how I took it when I read it. Then again…maybe I’ve been around the guys too long. I wont explian much further then saying perhaps it’s making a reference to females in a sexual way.

Call me weird if you wish, but I’m not taking this as being a sexual reference.

Maybe it was someone who has a really bad sense of humor, and thought fish were funny??

Because the saying is a bit vague it could be taken different ways depending on how you interpret it. Personally I’m agreeing with Brm789 because that’s how I interpreted it when I read it.

I’m starting to think that it probably is sexual…and I agree whoever came up with it has a really bad sense of humor. Thanks for your input though. We just decided to change it around a little and make it a little more FIRST friendly:

The only thing better than an oyster comes in a can…S.P.A.M.



That should be your slogan!

well we might have to have it as our next year’s slogan-- u never know-- but if u guys have anymore imput on it go for it and if u don’t want to get introuble with delphi u can email me at and i’ll be sure to pass it along to my team.

thanks guys!!

april, its teresa!! lol, mary brought it up when we were in the car, and my dad started laughing hysterically, and then said ‘this is probably something you shouldn’t have your father explain to you… i’ll leave teresa to do that, and it won’t be in the company of your parents.’ :ahh:

so if anyone wasn’t sure of what it meant, i hope you do now. sexual? juust a bit.