Does battery brand matter that much?

Hey everyone, I’ve been looking through the potential 12V SLA battery options listed on page 78 of the game manual which meet the criteria listed above, and I was wondering if anyone knew if there were any noticeable performance differences between each of the brands, because the price can vary from $50-$100 and I’d rather not waste money buying the same thing but more expensive. Thanks

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We bought some Werker batteries after having good luck using them for an electric car program. They put out far less peak amperage than other brands and charged uncomfortably hot. We never used them in competition.

I can’t say for sure which are better, as all should be similar. But most of the time when something costs more, it is for good reason.

We have been using only MK batteries for years and highly recommend other teams do the same. Call them and tell them you are an FRC team to get the discounted price, they are great to work with.

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I took the advise for our team last year to switch to MK batteries.
I bought four from them direct from MK with the frc discount. I could not find a better price anywhere.
Our team tracked battery performance at every match at our four events and found them to be better than the KOP battery or others we had from other sources.

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Do you have a link to the specific product page?

It’s the MK ES17-12 (spec). I also swear by the MK batteries for FRC use over other brands.

If you call them and tell them you’re a FRC team they know what battery to give you.