Does EasyC Pro work with the USB-Chicklet?

We’re considering using that USB-Chicklet to hook up a Xbox controller :yikes:. Does anybody know if EasyC work with the chicklet? Thanks.

Yes it works no problem the chicklet is just another joystick as far as easyC is concerned.
Team 40 used the XBox360 controller last year. Now you just don’t have to rip it apart. :slight_smile:

Soon I’ll be able to try it write some code sample for it. Pokes -> Mike :smiley:

I’m not familiar with EasyC… how do you extract the 4 digital inputs that would be embedded in an unused analog channel?

I’m not worried about this now, I’m just curious… Can I still do shifts and bitmasks in EasyC?

(this may sound like a stupid question…)

You would just view the analog data coming back 0-255 from the chicklet and make conditions that execute once the range falls in a certain zone.

Yes you can convert that data to binary in easyC. Mike said he wrote a program to do it. I’m just waiting for the part to test it out. If it ends up being necessary we will add this function to easyC.

yah, yah, yah. We are getting another shipment in sat(today). I will pull one off of that and ship it to you monday. Sorry for the delay.

We were thinking of alternate names for the Chicklet or possibly future products. What do you think of “USBeak” or “USB-Beaker” LOL. We could make a product that is really long a narrow and call it the “Drum Stick”.

The Tic-Tac :stuck_out_tongue: ?

Thanks. we were considering switching to MPLAB C18 but we just love the Easy C Interface =D