Does EI Distric Championships cost money?

So I have a friend on a second year team. This team recently won the engineering inspiration award at a district event. What they are wondering is if they have to pay the registration fee for the District Championships (something like $5000) even if only the presenters go, and not the robot (not enough qualifying points).


Doesn’t engineering inspiration qualify the whole team regardless of points like chairmens. I could be wrong but I’ve never heard of an award that only qualified a small part of the team.

In districts, EI doesn’t allow you to bring your robot; it just allows you to present at a stand at the venue at the district CMP.

District EI does not automatically qualify the whole team (i.e. the robot) for the District Championship. However, the team is eligible to win EI at the District Championship regardless of whether or not they qualify with the robot (on points or by winning DCA). If that team then wins EI at the District Championship, their entire team (i.e. the robot) will qualify for the Championship. The same goes for the Rookie All-Star.

As far as I know, a team that is eligible for EI only has to pay the registration fee for the District Championship if they qualify with the robot and choose to compete.

So say the team does not qualify the robot. Do they still have to pay $4000 to show up and present Engineering Inspiration for a chance if making worlds?

No EI (and RAS) earns the team, but not the robot, the right to compete against the others who have one the same award at DCMP and there is no entry fee to do so. Now if you win EI at DCMP then the team and the robot qualify for CMP and NASA will pay your CMP registration fee. (At least in prior seasons, to be honest I haven’t checked to see if that is still true for this season)

Winning RAS at DCMP also qualifies the team and the robot for CMP but the team is on their own for the CMP registration fee. Personally I think that it is the RAS winners that need to get their registration fee payed or waived since they are likely to not have an extra $5000 sitting around.