Does etcher work with Windows ISO?

Does Etcher can burn Windows ISO to both SD cards and USB flash drives?

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I believe you’ll want to use Rufus for Windows ISOs.


I’ve tried using Etcher for Windows ISOs and I found that it doesn’t work.

If you’re on Windows, I’m pretty sure there’s a program in windows itself to create a bootable USB drive (checkout this link). If you’re using Linux, you should try WoeUSB.

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i’ve found success using Ventoy. all you do is flash the device you want to use and then you drag and drop all the isos on. it works wonderfully.

I have been having major issues with etcher on win10 64 bit. This is especially true with raspberry pi images. I have been using win32 disk imager.

Are you talking about a “failure” on verification?

That is what it started as, but now it will not even load any of the FRC pi images at all.

I can’t speak for that, but failure on verification is because Windows tries to mount the drive again too early. I only work with img type though.

Yes, It’s one of the Best open-source and cross-platform software used for writing image files as .img, .iso files. Etcher enables the user to create bootable USB flash drives. It is developed by Balena and Licensed under Apache License 2.0.

Etcher is beneficial even for the users who don’t belong to a tech background. It supports Windows, Mac OS, and Linux.

They claim it supports Windows, but has not worked in about 6 months. It fails the file every time before it can even burn it (so it is not an automount issue). I ended up going with win32 discmager or the official Pi tool.

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