Does FIRST seem to be off cue this year?

The last few years that I have knowen about FIRST they have always had team updates and document updates avaliable on time. They haven’t posted team updates on time once this season. The field updates take longer than usually. is this just me?

James :confused:

FIRST has been FANTASTIC this year about getting updates out on Tuesday’s and Friday’s. I don’t think a single update has been put out on a day other than it was scheduled for.

In the past we were having like 24+ updates. At this rate we should have around 12. Big improvement if you ask me.

I second that; updates have been the most “on time” and regular since I joined FIRST.

When I first started in FIRST, team updates were a suprise…you’d check every day and maybe there could be one, maybe not…after the 2000 season i think there were 28 team updates…

Trust me, this system is a lot better and its working just fine.

I agree that the updates are really good this year. All of the info is bunched into one up date so they cut down on the number of them released. They have also come out on time,maybe a few hours late, but at least on the day they promised they would be released.