Does goRAILS and x-RAILS from Gobilda and Servocity are the same?

My team and I are going to buy the FTC Master Kit and we’re wondering if the X-RAILS from ServoCity and the goRAILS from Gobilda are the same. We are planning to do some linear slide mechanisms and we’re going to print the plates, hubs and so on. We need to be sure of that.

Thank you!

GoBilda is the metric version. Actobotics is the ServoCity Imperial units (or whatever inches and feet are called) version. I don’t believe you can easily mix and match, but I don’t have firsthand experience with the GoBilda, yet.

They are designed around a similar concept but they are definitely not the same. X rail is compatible with the Actobotics system, and goRAIL is for the goBILDA system.

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