Does Move Component Save?

I had a fully constrained assembly. Then I manually used “move component” to change everything around without deleting any constraints or anything. I just wanted to see how things looked. Well, it turned out so well, that I’d like to keep the current configuration for future reference when I go to rebuld the new model. So, this assembly with fully constrained pieces that have been “moved,” if I save it, close it, then reopen it, will they be in the same “moved” position or will they go back to their constrained position? It is Inventor 8 btw.

I run Inventor 9, but its generally the same, right? :smiley:

As for your question, yes, after you move constrained things and save, it loads that way the next time. However, once you try to grab anything and move it, everything snaps back into place. If your constraints were not perfect (a term hard to explain) the parts sometimes dont go back exactly how they were. Ex: constrain two faces 2 in apart, it might go back to 2 in away on the WRONG side. Its anoying sometimes.

I just tried it on a different assembly and it re-opens it just the way I left it (parts moved all over the place). So all is well. I know if you move anything all the parts will go back to their constrained positions, so I just use the “move component” tool to change the layout without any of the parts snapping back into their constraints.

Move component and, sometimes even dragging, move pieces without regard to constraints. Their position is saved, but dragging and updating constraints (like adding a new one, or adjusting an existing one or just hitting update) will cause all pieces to return to the constrained configuration. It might put some of the pieces back in a slightly different place than where you had them, but Inventor is just following the constraints. If there are any degrees of freedom, your part could be anywhere along that line (or rotation) when you update it and will most likely be closest to the position that it was in when it was rearranged. If you like the way it is now, try to constrain it that way so that it is not a concern to update constraints.