Does PhotonVision honor AprilTagFieldLayout.setOrigin() in RobotPoseEstimator?

With PhotonVision, I’m passing in an AprilTagFieldLayout to the RobotPoseEstimator to get pose estimates. I run the setOrigin method to get the correct tag locations depending on the alliance set with the driver station before passing it to the RobotPoseEstimator constructor. I expected to get values relative to the alliance that I set but I’m getting a pose relative to the Red end of the field when I have the driverstation set to blue and the camera is looking at tags 6, 7 and 8. Does RobotPoseEstimator honor setOrigin, or should I dig deeper into why it’s always giving me positions for red?

Are you sure you’re actually calling setOrigin with the blue alliance. See getAlliance() always returning 'Red' - #27 by Thad_House

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