Does photonvision work on limelight 3?

When trying to flash our limelight 3 with photonvision, the only option is limelight 2, does this mean that we have to flash it with the raspberry pi image?. Also, for the hardware config json files, there are only limelight 2 related options. So far, I tried flashing with the limelight image, but I can’t access the pipeline. I have my limelight connected to the radio via network switch, so I’m not sure if that’s the issue. Has anyone gotten limelight 3 to work with photonvision?

What exactly are you trying to do? Limelight’s own software can handle aspects of vision processing such as AprilTags and custom pipelines.

My team is trying to create and follow a trajectory to apriltags, but whenever we try to run the program using limelight’s own software, the robot code crashes for a second and then reboots. However, one of my friends on another team used very similar code for the same purpose but using photonvision and has gotten it to work, so I’m trying to switch to photonvision instead.

It would probably serve you better to figure out why the code is crashing in the first place.

PhotonVision won’t magically fix any crashes, there’s an issue somewhere in your code.


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