Does Pigeon IMU have an equivalent to NAVX getrate()

I’m trying to convert our trajectory code from using the NAVX to a pigeon IMU. I’m stuck on replacing the AHRS.getrate() call. I’m looking at the CTRE API at

There is no mention of “getrate()” or angular velocity. Do we need to calculate this ourselves now?

What am I missing here?

int ctre::phoenix::sensors::PigeonIMU::GetRawGyro ( double xyz_dps[3] )

Get Raw Gyro data.

xyz_dps Array to fill with x[0], y[1], and z[2] data in degrees per second.

The last ErrorCode generated.

Does the bolded appear to be what you need?


That’s it. Thanks!

I had been scanning the documentation and examples for references to “rate” “angular velocity” with no luck.

If the pigeon is the selected sensors for a talon, , you can also use getselectedSensorvelocity. We got the angular rate in pigeon units per 100 ms.

We were using the pigeon to do a controller rotate under motion Magic, and that let us pull the angular rate the talons were using for the motion Magic calculations.

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