Does RS-550VC motor have a preferred rotation direction?

I did some searching but didn’t find an answer. Any thoughts?


The motor is marked with CCW on it, which from my experience is the “preferred” direction.

If it says CCW, go CCW.

For those of us without access to one (in the mail), does it make it clear on the case which way that actually is? CCW when looking at the shaft end, or the back end? (I assume shaft end)


Yeah, I had the same question. CCW varies according to your point of view (literally). I suspect there is a standard, but I can’t find it (after some searching)

Ours are marked CCW, and one terminal is marked in red. When + is applied to red terminal, shaft spins CCW as viewed from the the front/output shaft end.

Is there any data available regarding how strong the preference effect is?

We saw that red dot as well, and decided to wire all our motors + to red. But I still have not heard any kind of statement as to how CCW is determined (shaft end or motor end)

Eric, my experimentation showed the preference was smaller than I could measure. I loaded the motor moderately and checked the current consumption at 13 volts in both directions. They were essentially identical at about 5 A.