Does the 2016 FMS radio programmer have an option to program a D-Link?

Just wondering since we are planning to bring a pre-rookie to an off-season event and we don’t have a 2016 router for them. (and they can’t buy their own since the new FCC restrictions passed)


Right, but that’s for home use. I’m looking for use on the FMS. I know the router config has it in FMS Lite mode, but does it have the option on the full-fledged, official FMS?

Sorry, I misread your post. Looking at the team version of the software it seems that there isn’t a way to program it for the FMS with it. I don’t think FMS Lite mode will work due to the difference in how the networks are set up.

Also, I’d need the field SSID and password. I have a feeling the FTAs wouldn’t just give it to me for various reasons.

It won’t work with the official WPA kiosk, but an FTA can set the D-Link up to connect to the field. I would reach out to the event’s organizer, make sure their FTA knows ahead of time, and get the radio to the FTA as soon as you get to the event.