does the Am14u mount wheels larger than 4'? Also, does it support H-Drive?

title says it all, have not been able to find a thread to specify if it does or not.

Andymark has several upgrade options available but there was no H drive option listed. You can switch to chain, change wheel size, or go to meccanums given their present options.

A 4 foot wheel? How much bigger of a wheel do you need???

Also, what do you mean by H-drive?

I’ve seen quite a few H drives coaching VEX, usually it is a 4 wheel drivebase (all omni) with a center drive pod (could be one or two omni wheels) used to strafe and give some holonomic capability.

If you put the drive pod in the back of the robot its sometimes referred to as a U drive.

The AM14U does support 4", 6", and 8" traction wheels without modification, in either wide or long configurations. We also have a 6" mecanum upgrade kit along with 2 speed or 3 motor gearboxes that drop right into the chassis, again without any modifications needed.

The chassis can be run with omni wheels at the corners but at this point we don’t have a specific mounting or gearbox solution for the center wheel. Feel free to PM me if you’d like more info about products that could help.


The VEXpro 2014 Drive in a day does natively support H-drive

Keep an eye on that page, more application examples will be popping up soon.
(this chassis is designed mainly for 4" wheels)

Does Andymark have a manual or CAD of the 6" and 8" wheel options in the drive base? I’ve seen it offered as an option, but there’s nothing that suggests how it’s supposed to be used.

Thanks for the post, attached is a layout drawing that indicates which holes are used for which wheels and what belt correspond to those wheels.

Let me know if you have any other questions


AM14U Belt Sizing.PDF (48.5 KB)

AM14U Belt Sizing.PDF (48.5 KB)