Does the entire robot have to be supported by the level 1 HAB to score the three points?

If a deployable ramp was used and it was to come into contact with the carpet, would the robot still get the three points even through it is not 100% on the HAB?

Because the robot is not fully supported by level 1 or above (in this case it’s not being fully supported by level 1), it would not count.

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@retrodaredevil is correct. In order to get the hab points, you would have to lift the ramp at least enough that it does not rest on the carpet. A counter weight or spring would make this task easier.

This was asked and answered in FRC Q&A 25. Please keep in mind that the Q&A is the only official source of answers - anything you see here on CD should be construed as opinions that could be wrong. In this case, they’re correct, and the answers above echo what the official Q&A said.