Does the FRP material go over the carpet?

Does the FRP material go over the carpet?

(We are assuming it does.)

I think The Blue Alliance video shows what looks to be an “edge treatment” for the FRP stuff, so it would seem that it is indeed above the carpet.

According to a clip from the competition manual, I am led to believe that the playing field is constructed with the same type of carpet as it has been over the past several years, but is simply covered by the new “regolith” (or Glasliner FRP). I have included the particular clip from Section 6 of the 2009 manual.

I hope this helps you out! :wink:

Does the FRP material deform at all with the soft carpet underneath? Has anyone measured this?

The carpet itself does not have enough give for the FRP material to deform. What the carpet gets put down on, however, could likely have an impact. Recall certain venues where the field gets built on top of plywood sheeting that is not always flat. However, I have no idea if this will or will not have an effect this year.


From what I saw while walking on it at SNHU, it looked like the FRP was directly on the carpet. However, we didn’t want to ruin our new carpet (bought it last year to replace the carpet that was down for 10 years), so we cut up the section where it was going and glued it down directly to the subflooring.

This might be wrong, but now we can put the carpet back down and glue/steam it next year (when we hopefully have carpet again on the entirety of the field) and not be out a lot of money.

I’ll chime in too.

On the Kickoff field in Manchester the Glasliner was just unrolled over the carpet and was taped down only along the outside edges with black gaffers tape.
The three 8’ wide rolls of Glasliner used were taped to each other with clear reinforced tape.

The Glasliner did not conform to the carpet and lay flat all over.
It rippled a little bit in the middle as we walked on it, especially the middle sheet.
Probably not enough to bother the robots though.

I don’t know if anyone has read Paul Copioli’s post in the Team Update #1 thread but it might provide some insight/help in this one.

I should add that the FIRST field construction crew were not happy with the way the floor rippled a little on the Kickoff field. They plan to work with it some more to figure out the best way to keep it flat.