Does the Minibot require a Bill of Materials?

I’m typing on the Bill of Materials for the Main Robot (anyone know where to buy a Fisher Price Gearbox?), and was wondering if the Minibot requires one, too.
I imagine it would.


Yes. The kit you got goes in as KOP FIRST Choice. Any additional parts need to be costed and added to the other section. I hope this helps.

according to <R18> and <R20> I don’t think the minibot needs to be included in the BOM (bold Emphasis is mine)

All items and materials used in the construction of a** HOSTBOT** and their associated costs, shall be recorded (in US dollars) in a consolidated Bill Of Materials (BOM). KoP items must be recorded, but are accounted as an additional cost to of $0.00 as this material is either donated or purchased by FIRST and supplied to each team. The BOM must use the FIRSTapproved template available for download at Please refer to Rule <R82> in Section 4.3.13 - Robot Inspection for information regarding submission of the BOM

<R20> The following items are excluded from the total cost calculation:
A. all items provided in the 2011 KOP,
B. the cost of any non-functional decorations,
C. the cost of individual fasteners, adhesives, or lubricants, unless any one component exceeds $1.00,
D. the costs of SPARE PARTS. A SPARE PART used as a direct replacement for a failed or defective ROBOT part (either KOP item or non-KOP item) that has already been included in the cost accounting is covered by the accounting for the original part, and
E. all costs for the construction of the OPERATOR CONSOLE.
F. All costs for the MINIBOT.

Would I have to list it as a Sub-Category (Minibot) in the BOM? Or do I not have to list it at all in the BOM/ make a separate one for the Minibot?

The MINIBOT is not listed on the Bill of Material. The rule that covered it, <R96> was deleted in Team Update 7.

I believe the rationale was that since MINIBOTS can be shared, and even built by non-FRC teams (e.g. a FTC team), the costs associated with a MINIBOT cannot be attributed to any given team.