Does the SDS swerve Mk4 need some protection on the gears?

If yes, you have some protection that you recommend?

They’re fairly well protected as is, but some teams have 3D printed covers for them that look pretty sweet


I’m not sure what you mean by on the gears. We use grease directly on them, have a polycarb panel over them and bumpers cover the sides.

If you’re talking about grease we use Lucas red and tacky. We apply it with these so as to get it on the gears without getting it all over.

For covers to make sure nothing get into the gears we printed these. They are for mk4i not mk4 though


We put side covers on ours so grease wouldn’t sling everywhere, and then a thin lexan top to protect our wiring from those fun times when other robots drive up onto you. We used the design 3487 released in their CAD.

Are those covers for the low to the ground style or the inverted style

Inverted mk4i. The OP asked about mk4. I was repling about the grease syringes we use and had to post our covers, because I just like showing robot eye candy or bling. I did state they were for mk4i

Edit: The mk4i are the low to the ground version or are the lowest that I know of

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Ok we are using the non low to the ground version I was just seeing if something like that would work on our modules, thanks

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To answer the actual question stated here.
I recommend having some sort of cover but our team never “got to it” and it’s been running fine.
We have no grease and no cover in the top or bottom and we’ve been fine🤷‍♂️
But we will probably 3d print one tho during this offseason

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You… never greased your gears? At all?

Never, they even brought us to worlds🤷‍♂️

Please grease your gears folks. It’ll help extend their lifespan. Most teams will want multiple seasons out of their modules and grease will help with that.

Our bumpers were high enough this season to protect the topside mk4i items. We did 3D print these side plugs to fill the module gap and give our frame perimeter an 1/8" bump out.


I will explain again, we have put grease all the time. I asked for an swerve protect like this one in the photo

We’ve run ours for two seasons now naked (gaurdless). We generally clean them out with mineral spirits or brake clean between each comp weekend and regrease. The only “foreign debris” we’ve had go through them and cause damage is the torx bolts that hold the pinions in place on on the motor shafts coming loose and going for a ride through the gears. So that would happen with or without a gaurd.

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Grease is necessary if you plan to run them for a significant amount of time.

Just saying


You’re just making em lighter😂


I will comunícate this to the mechanical section of our team


Do you have a link to the files for this? I wouldn’t mind doing something similar for our modules

Be careful if you choose to cover the gears on the Mk4 / Mk4i (or any gearbox).
A 3D printed housing might block access for regular visual inspections. In that case, a loose fastener, foreign object, or gear tooth wear could go unnoticed until it’s too late.

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I am a fan of just using .030 or 1mm polycarbonate, a heat gun and some vhb/ or velcro.

May need to clean it every once and a while, but it does make it easier to inspect. May not solve an impact problem, but it does stop fingers, wires and sweatshirt sleeves/strings from getting caught.