Does the Solenoid From the KOP have a Manual Switch?

Does the solenoid from the KOP (the Festo one) have a manual switch to extend and retract the pnumatic actuator on it? I know some solenoids do, but we can’t seem to find any buttons on the KOP Solenoid that would do so. I’m not sure if there’s any difference, but we acquired our solenoid from the KOP last year.


There is a small blue button on each side of the solenoid, on the top where you have two ports. They look like a flathead screwdriver should go into them.

Or a pen point.

Take a look at this animationfor some clues on how this fancy device works. Good luck with your air controllers.

The Festo valves in the Kit need a small screwdriver and twist to manually fire. You have to do each side of the double solenoid individually.

Mark, they can also be pushed in with a pointed object.

I just didn’t lean hard enough. :slight_smile:

It seems to be that pushing is momentary, while twisting is permanent.
Be aware that twisting to make it set permanent must be undone before trying it electronically.
Response will vary depending on how the corresponding side of the double solenoid is currently set.