Does the Trackball Color Match your team Color???

I noticed in the trackball color poll that lots of teams got trackballs matching their team color… please vote so we can se if everyone got this sort of thing…

our team got a red ball, and our team colors were red, black and silver at the start of build season

Sorry for the confusing poll labels…

we were hoping for green game peaces but not this year… :frowning:

is the trackball close to your team color?

Our colors are red, white, and blue, so either would have done.

Light tie die blue (“mayhem blue”) isn’t too far from the color blue of track ball. But we got red.

The red one does a bit.

The blue ball we got is almost the exact same shade as our shirts. And our bumpers.

Columbia High’s colors are maroon and gold; the red of our trackball is close.

Our colors are royal blue, true red, and bright yellow. Both the blue and red trackballs are our exact shades. We ended up with a blue one… but more of our stuff is blue, so I guess it holds true.

We are Orange, Black and White. The Red can kind of go with the orange

Not really. Our school colors are red and white, and we got blue.

Yup, the blue trackball we have surely matches our colors. Then again, you can usually rely on the game pieces or a part of the field being red or blue every year since they are part of FIRST’s colors.

Hmm, I never thought another organization would have the same mix of colors! Interestingly, our team apparel is black with a white 766 flag on the back, with only little bits of maroon and gold thrown in here and there. Oh, and yes, we got a red trackball. Mostly we claim red and yellow for anything Robotics-related that needs coloring.

Our team color is orange. Our red trackball is… almost orange? Well… maybe not. Closer then blue I guess.

We got a blue ball in the kit… but we traded with 1889 at the swamp scrimmage, and thanks to our team artists we now have a red track ball with our logo painted on :).