Does the Vision Target seem rather dim?

We hooked up our Vision Target to a nice battery (fully charged, yes) and hooked it up - does it seem rather dim to anyone else? It’s nice and bright when you’re close or if it’s dark, but if you take it outside or even in a well-lit room it quickly becomes hard to see. I went over the rules and they didn’t seem to mention anything - are they going to keep the lights dim, or do we have some other problem, or is it just dim? This seems like it could reduce the camera system’s effectiveness by a lot…

Did you put it in a wooden box? Try painting it white inside or adding some aluminum foil. Alot of light gets absorbed.

I would suggest using the same box as the competition lamp will use. That way you know what you will be dealing with on the playing field.

If you hook it up with the correct setup, you will be almost blinded looking at it the first time. This is just a way to tell if you’ve got it right or not.:slight_smile: