Does this look familiar to anyone?

The picture in the article linked below was on the front page of the Indianapolis Star today. The sculpture shown will be displayed in the new terminal at Indianapolis International Airport so everyone who will be flying to IRI in 2009 will be able to see it!


Perhaps its a sign about the locations of championships…

whooooooooo cheesy ghost noise whoooooooooooooo!!!

Dang! The 2008 game piece was supposed to be a secret.


I enjoyed reading the article.
Airports are such a great invitation into learning about the world around them and what better way than through art, through sculpture, using materials and resources from the surrounding area, culture, and history.
Thanks for the post.

Logic gates as game pieces? Cool. :cool:


I can’t believe I didn’t see that when I read the paper yesterday. I must be slipping.

Agreed. Airports have some of the coolest and most unique architectural features - which although you may think are only for looks, usually serve a HUGE purpose to over all functionality.

the name of the game would be called:
It’s A Wrap

if luggage is the game piece, it would be called:
In The Bag

if limestone is used, it would be called:
Block This!
Rock Out!
Dig It!

<this one is your fault, Ed>

No. It’s Dave’s fault, as usual.
It’s a little early for red herrings.