Does Versaplanetary Kit Include Everything?

Hey everyone, so our team is ordering an assembly for what would be a disassembled versaplanetary 12:1 ratio gearbox for a minicim with a 1/2" hex output shaft. We were wondering if the kit you buy comes with the input shaft gear for the minicim.

So if we were to make an order at, would we be able to get everything we needed if we got the (1) Base VersaPlanetary 1:1 with 1/2" Hex Output (base kit), (2) VersaPlanetary 3:1 Gear Kit with Ring Gear and (3) VersaPlanetary 4:1 Gear Kit with Ring Gear? Also, any advice for finding mounting brackets of some kind for the gearbox?

There is no standard way to mount a MiniCIM to a versaplanetary. However, Spectrum 3847 has an excellent manual on how to do this, found here on their blog.

As for having everything you need, the basekit plus the two (3:1 and 4:1) stages should be all you need for a 12:1 ratio. For mounting, there are some threaded holes on the gearbox itself that can be used to screw it onto whatever you are mounting to. We have been very satisfied with the versaplanetary gearboxes so far.

EDIT: I just realised that the screws for the gearbox and the MiniCIM are a little bit different, and is mentioned in the comments on the blog post. We use a different bottom for the gearbox that we machined which has the correct threads to mount to the motor. There may be other ways to get around this - I’m not sure.

You can use the screws included in the kit (yes, I know, the 8-32s) to mount the CIM. You’ll need a short section of 2mm keyway, but you’ll probably have that lying around anyway.

Oh wow, I didn’t even realize the size difference between the bag and minicim motors. We’ll definitely account for that! And thanks for all the advice!

If you need a little more power there’s a dual motor option for the Versaplantary. A couple of RS-775 18 volt motors do wonders.

Bolts right together an gives you the option of adding any gear ratio you wish.

I thought CIMs (and MiniCIMs) used 10-32 for mounting?

That’s the thing. If I understand correctly what some people are doing, they use 8-32 screws to go through the 8-32 holes on the VersaPlanetary and into the 10-32 MiniCIM holes. The VersaPlanetary input block’s hole pattern is on a slightly smaller circle than the MiniCIM mounting holes (1.95" vs 2.00"), which will serve to keep the screws a little tighter than they otherwise would be in a hole with the wrong thread size.

I much prefer drilling out the holes in the input block to a clearance for 10-32, and then either milling clearance for a 10-32 socket head, or grinding down the screw head diameter so it fits nicely.

8-32 screws in a 10-32 holes? no thanks

(this is a personal recommendation only, not a VEXpro one)

No arguments from me.

How easy or difficult is it to drill out those holes to 10-32 size, given that smaller holes are already there that are on a slightly different center? Drilling them out to a bigger size is easy, but moving the center of the hole sounds pretty tough to me. Disclaimer: I’m not exactly a genius when it comes to machining.

When we modded our VPs this year we drilled out the 2" hole spaced circles. Since the 1.95 spacing is designed to keep the VP together.

We also did what Aren suggested and shaved the #10-32 socket cap screw down. Works well.