Does your school give your team money?

The school your teams belong too, does it supply you with any money because our school barley even recognizes us. Also i wish there was a way for the school to care more about us, we have done it for like 7 years now.

as far as i know, our school has not donated money to our team. However, our district contributes money to all teams in the district. :slight_smile:

Stephanie, SJUSD gave every team about $2,500-$3,000 this year. It’s not the $5,000 we all got last year, but it’s better than a lot of schools/districts.

We get about 7000 from our school a year. The best way to get the money is make yourself noticed. Present at every school meeting where funding is decided upon (ie education foundation). Also it helps to get people with alot of contacts on your side. Ask everyone on your team who they know and you might be surprised. I was, we received 5000 from a contact a team member had.

One problem our school had with giving us money was that money could not go to the benefit of any individual student and understandably so.

So we took another path and asked the school to cover the expenses for “common” needs of the team. These include our travel expenses for the chaperones (required) and our ground transportation costs for the whole team.

As a result we were fortunate to receive $3500 towards travel in 2001 and have a pledge of $3000 for this year if we qualify. This, and a place to meet, are all we ask from the administration.

Our robot building costs and such are covered fully by our sponsor and we receive a very generous stipend from them which covers registration and part of the travel costs. Students work hard to fund raise the rest- very hard!!!

on my old team we never got any direct funding, but the school board did reconize FIRST as an extra curricular activity, and as such they compensated our advisor for participating. It’s just a small bonus to motivate teachers to help out…

Our school gives us money a few different ways:
First of all, we recieve a signifigant sum of money from the Regional Occupation Program. Since we are a Voc Ed class, we generate money from spending extra hours (a lot of them) after school.
Secondly, we occasionally recieve some PTA money, but not much.
And finally, our school district has a lot of money to give in the form of grants, so we often apply for, and recieve, them.
Matt Sorgenfrei

Our principal said she could only offer us 400-500 our of her budget. Which will be used mostly for shipping costs.

Smithtown High School gave my team (810) about $8200. They covered the first competition ($5000) and now they’re covering our desposit for our Nationals accomodations ($3200). So, our school has kicked in a good amount of money.

~Christina ºoº

Our school (Perry Meridian HS) used to give us a little money from a grant through the township. I’m not sure we even get that now. We don’t get any money directly from the school, because we’re not recognized as a school-sponsored team, even though we must abide by their rules and regulations as though we were sponsored by the school. Plus, the township changed computer companies, so we lost about half of our sponsorship because of it!

Our school gave the team $2000 this year. Not as much as a sports team but more then most non-sports activity.

We got $200 for registration for the OCCRA off-season competition. Our teacher gets some money for being the leader of an extracurricular activity, but other than that, we don’t get anything from our school or our district.

Our school district gives us so much money in our account, but any money left in that account get taken out of the account and gets added up at the end of the with all the extra-curiculars in the district and divided amongst all of them.

Money from the florida school board system…LOL.
Cows would fly and have pigs as babies before we see money from them. We get all money from our sponsor…Boeing.

my team happens to be very lucky in this department. our school may not consider us a sport, but we are a major club. Our superintendent of schools came to the Long Island competition last year and absolutely loved it. Last year our funding was $7,500… this year with some pull we got that bumped up to about $40,000
thank god for them because getting corporate sposorship is not our forte.

well our school did not recognize us for a while and they just started giving us money , along with the substandered bucket of jarbel they call an education.

Our school does not reconize us, they dont give us any space, yet we still have to follow the school activities rules. Oh wait I almost forgot. They do reconize us when we have to leave and go to a regional. They also take credit when we win but when we lose they deny us. Another thing is that this year they will not let us use the gym so it is very hard for us to try and have trials for our human player. Oh well just a lonely Senior in HS with an opinion that will never get heard!

Our school does not give our team money directly. Not only that, but we are a church school so finding major sponsors is difficult. Many potential sponsors have policies against supporting religious institutions.

But our school and church provide tremendous support in other ways. For example, they attend our fundraisers. They attend our local regional and root for us. In the past the church provided a place to work on the bot. More recently we have found better facilities through church members (not team members) who have gone out of thier way to help us. I don’t even want to tell you about our current set-up, it would tempt you to covetousness.:smiley:

Whenever I go to church I am constantly asked how the build is going. These people are not part of our team except in spirit. But they understand that we represent them in the arena and care about how things are going. They also understand the process because they heard it before last year and the year before that.

Last year we were on a regional winning alliance. The banner we recieved is hanging in the church lobby.

There is a kind of support more important than cash.