Does your team need more students learning Java?

The Microsoft Philanthropies TEALS Program is working with schools across the country to build and grow their computer science programs. We are looking for volunteers to drop into a classroom for the first hour of the school day to help build the capacity for a teacher to learn computer science while they team teach with industry volunteers. We support three full years of programming courses, Intro to Computer Science, AP Computer Science Principals, and AP Computer Science A (Java). We will be in over 600 high schools across the US and British Columbia for the 2019-2020 school year. If you our know someone who can help, you can find information here -

–Andrew Spiece
2016 MSC Woodie Flowers Award Finalist


Thanks for sharing this link. Carnegie Vanguard in Houston has removed their Java course from their curriculum due to overcrowding. TEALS could be a great match for the school.

On a sidenote about volunteers: FIRST HQ or District level admins need to take notes on this application and process. The TEALS program appears to be a great process to recruit volunteers to schools.

Recruiting volunteers will drive the success of any non-profit organization.

We currently have a Regional Manager in Houston and would be happy to help them build capacity to over the AP Computer Science A course there. If anyone would like to talk to a local regoinal manager our contact page will route you directly to them.

I have been working with FIM some. I also have a team taking the lead at their school to help with this. The mentors are coming in the mornings to help build capacity for the teacher teaching Java. This is an excellent way to affect the school curriculum to support their robotics team. The best part of TEALS is that we are helping schools to offer courses they have been trying to offer for years instead of trying to get new curriculum into the school. Nationally 65% of schools do not offer any computer science. In Michigan only 11% of the high schools offer AP Computer Science A. This is an excellent Introductory Java course. The schools able to offer this course have much larger programming teams from my observation. (Merely Anecdotal)

There is some great overlap here and we could use all the help we can get with volunteers. Our program, generally, has a graduation date. (light at the end of the tunnel) when the teacher is able to teach the course on their own.

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